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Root canal treatment is about saving teeth when possible, rather than extracting them. Thanks to modern technology and techniques, damaged teeth can be saved more than 90% of the time. Root Canal Treatment is needed when a tooth has traumatised through injury and will not heal, or when an infection is present and has spread around the bone.

The good news is that, with minimum discomfort and thanks to advancements in technology, root canal treatment can be done easily by Andrew Baderski Dental in Ingleburn.

Why might you need root canal treatment?

Teeth that have suffered from too great a degree of decay to rectify with a simple preventative measure such as a filling, crown or bridge may be in need of root canal treatment.

The tooth root composes the part of the tooth, which is positioned under the surface of the gum and is not visible to the eye when inspecting the mouth. Within the root lies an inner pulp that is made up of tissue and nerves that nourish the tooth.

In the event that the pulp becomes infected by decay or trauma, root canal treatment may be necessary to avoid the further inflammation of the jaw and surrounding tissue. These occurrences can cause extreme pain if left untreated.
Root canal treatment is an effective means of removing the infected pulp from the core of the tooth and therefore eliminates potential for further infection and discomfort.

The root canal treatment procedure

The process of performing root canal treatment is carried out by using very small files to remove all incidences of infected pulp. A thorough cleaning and sterilising action is also taken within the tooth’s chamber, before the tooth is sealed. For the tooth to be sealed, a substance known as gutta-percha is positioned to prevent any further bacteria and penetration.

The removal of the core part of the tooth results in an inevitable loss of overall strength and stability of the tooth’s composition. As a result, a crown is often employed to cover the surface of the tooth and prevent the occurrence of cracks or splitting, through which bacteria and decay can attack.

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