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Dental bonding is an effective means of treating teeth that are suffering from gaps, chips or sharp edges. The technique involves a special composite resin that is placed on the affected area of the tooth and quickly and easily hardened with a high-intensity light. Here at Andrew Baderski Dental, our dental bonding treatments can be completed in as little as ten minutes.

How dental bonding is used to alter the look of teeth

The versatility of the composite resin allows for an efficient level of pouring, sculpting and moulding ability so that your individual desired size and shape can be achieved to create a perfect, fully functional and aesthetically intact tooth.

The final stage in the dental bonding process involves the polishing of the outer surface. This step in necessary to provide sufficient shine and lack of abrasion which could cause any further discomfort or provide a surface where food or debris can easily become attached.

The colour of the resin can be matched to your existing teeth so that the overall result is one of cosmetic satisfaction and consistency in your smiles’ appeal.

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While not the most durable option when considering restorative methods of dental treatment, dental bonding can be an elegant solution to problems in the mouth that are present in areas of low stress. Dental bonding at Andrew Baderski Dental can also be completed in a very short amount of time and at a greatly reduced price to some alternative methods.

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