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Dental implants have become one of modern dentistry’s most impressive developments and are a highly recommended treatment option by Andrew Baderski Dental. Used as a means of effectively replacing lost teeth, dental implants serve to reinstate a level of core strength and function that previous replacement treatments have failed to achieve.

Through surgical placement of a titanium root into the underlying jawbone, the functionality and security of a dental implant can be almost as fundamental in nature as
your original teeth.

What is a dental implant?

Suitable for those patients that have enough core bone remaining within the jaw, dental implants can be used as a means of replacing teeth and can also be used in conjunction with other oral treatments such as dentures and crowns or bridges.

The surgery procedure

A dental implant involves the root, once placed within the jawbone, fusing to the bone over some time. This process is known as osseointegration and is the combination of biocompatible metal fusing with the natural bone, creating a highly improved degree of strength and support.

Once this process has been allowed to complete, usually over several months, the next stage of the process is undertaken. This involves the reopening of the healed gum tissue, around the implant, and the insertion of an abutment onto the root and acts as a post for the placement of the artificial tooth or crown.

Once this stage has been completed and suitable time allowed for the gum to re-heal, the crown is then positioned.

The benefits of dental implants

The benefits of dental implants are great, as they not only restore the functionality of your mouth, regarding correct bite, chewing, eating and speaking ability, but they also serve to reinstate the appeal of your smile cosmetically.

While these immediate benefits are felt, the overall support for your surrounding teeth is also achieved, with a decreased likelihood of the other teeth moving in the absence of additional space. The muscular structure of your jaw and overall face is once more supported, reducing the incidence of facial sagging and deterioration.

Dental implants are used to support other treatment appliances including dentures, which can be fixed and secured, using the root structure of the dental implant and greatly improve oral proficiency.

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