Do you suffer every night having to listen to the rumblings of your partners snoring? Well it will enlighten you to know that they are most likely suffering just as much as you.

Snoring is one of those annoying habits that are clearly misunderstood as not being a serious condition. Many people in their life time can experience sporadic or constant snoring habits depending on their health, circumstances and their wellbeing. Snoring is a disruptive condition that can not only keep your partner (and possibly the neighbours’ below, above or next door to you) but it also has serious repercussions for your own sleep and health. At Andrew Baderski Dental we understand how frustrating snoring can be and unfortunately those who suffer from it have no control over it which they are sleeping. But if you find that your partner or even yourself is snoring consistently each night it’s time to realise that these are not annoying habits that occur for no reason. Your snoring is a warning sign.

When you accidentally hurt yourself, your nerve endings will send painful signals from your brain telling you that something is wrong. If you snore at night; that is your body’s way of vocalising that something is obstructing your ability to breathe and that is indeed a problem.

Snoring occurs when the part of the throat called the pharynx, this is a cone-shaped passageway leading from the oral (mouth) and nasal (nose) cavities, the pharynx is part of the digestive and the respiratory system. It is made of thick muscle fibres and connective tissue and it is used to help the food make its way down the oesophagus (throat) and prevents air from being swallowed into the stomach chamber. The pharynx has the ability to distinguish between food and air and will divert either into the lungs or the stomach. When we snore, the noise that we hear (the gurgling or groaning sound) is caused when the air running through the pharynx passageway and makes the pharynx vibrate. The reason we recognise this vibration as noise is because the pharynx also functions to help resonate speech patterns.

At Andrew Baderski Dental we can help discover the reason why you are snoring and discuss the appropriate method of treatment.

Naturally, the pharynx is not meant to vibrate when we sleep and if you do suffer from snoring this could mean a couple of things:

  • The pharynx is too relaxed which is causing it to vibrate
  • The passageway is too narrow
  • Stress
  • Your neck might be putting pressure of your pharynx passageway
  • It might be allergy related symptoms
  • Damage to the pharynx from health conditions or harmful habits such as smoking

If snoring is a regular occurrence during your sleep it can play a significant role in determining the decent amount of sleep you and your partner receive each night. It is important for adults to receive between seven and nine hours of sleep each night (which equates to roughly three sleep cycles) so that your body can recuperate from a long day’s work. Snoring can cause sleeping obstructions and can inhibit you from going through your sleep cycles. Those who are not receiving sufficient sleep are often lethargic, irritable, suffer memory loss and have difficulty concentrating.

At Andrew Baderski Dental we can help our Ingleburn patients get a better night sleep by providing you with a night time appliance. A custom-made night time appliance allows you the opportunity to increase your chances of complete sleep cycles and reduces the chances of snoring.

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