Are you distracted by the colour of your teeth or the puffiness of your gums? It might be time to consider the cosmetic options available at Andrew Baderski Dental.

Is your smile looking a little lacklustre? Perhaps they are a few shades too dull or maybe they are being overshadowed by your gums. Discolouration and overbearing gums are some of the common patient concerns at Andrew Baderski Dental. In retaliation against these treatable imperfections, Dr Andrew Baderski offers the residents in Ingleburn, New South Wales, cosmetic treatments that considerably enhance and rejuvenate their smiles.

What causes tooth discolouration?

There are two different types of tooth stains: Intrinsic stains and extrinsic stains.

Intrinsic stains are stains that physically affect the tooth’s enamel surface and structure. It can cause teeth to appear yellow or darker and will often show the underlying dentin below the enamels surface. These stains can be caused by fluoride over exposure, medications and long periods of insufficient oral hygiene, genetics, age, obesity and food staining substances left to fester on the teeth.

While extrinsic stains are easy to remove, the only way to get rid of intrinsic stains is to see a trained dental professional who will discuss the treatment options available to you. At Andrew Baderski Dental we offer effective tooth whitening treatments to lessen intrinsic stains and give our patients’ teeth several shades lighter.

Our tooth whitening treatments can improve the brightness of your teeth

Tooth Whitening is an effective cosmetic treatment whereby the intrinsic stains on the tooth’s enamel can be dissolved and lightened. The benefits of consulting a professional for tooth whitening treatments, above store bought treatments, are safety and proficiency. If you are going to invest money into rejuvenating your smile with a tooth whitening treatment, ensure it is dispensed by a trained professional who will have an interest in not only whitening your smile, but also ensuring the safety of your teeth. Yellow and grey teeth can be instantly whitened with our in-chair treatment or you can brighten your smile at your own leisure with our take home treatment.

Are my puffy gums an indication of gingivitis (gum disease)?

If your gums are hurting in any way, it is important to consult a professional. Sometimes our puffy gums are an indication that the gums are inflamed and hurting from bacteria irritating them while your mouth is closed. It is important to maintain a strict oral hygiene regimen to not only ensure that your teeth stay healthy, but also that the whole of your mouth does as well. However, in saying this, it is possible that if your gums are not suffering from swelling, pain, inflammation or bleeding, that the puffy appearance of your gums is genetic.

A gum lift might be the ticket for smoother gum lines

Gum lifts are designed for patients who feel self-conscious about their gummy smile and would like to make a change towards a more mature and reinvigorated smile. Gums are designed to protect the tooth and tooth roots and should not over shadow or burden the teeth. Our gum lift process utilises a dental laser which safely and efficiently removes the excess gum and seals the affected tissue in the process; this reduces the risk of blood and infection, and removes the need for stitches.

At Andrew Baderski dental we want you to leave our practice with a reason to smile

Our cosmetic treatments are designed to give patients affordable and realistic options for improving their smile with visible results. Tooth colour and gum encroachment are two of the most common problems experienced at our clinic. At Andrew Baderski Dental, in Ingleburn, we strive to ensure our patients obtain their aesthetic desires for their smiles, in order to feel a new sense of satisfaction and confidence.

Are you interested in one of our cosmetic treatments or would like to book an appointment ? You can contact us on 02 919 946 27.