When wisdom teeth start to develop and emerge from the gums, patients often find that they notice some discomfort or pain.
Here at Andrew Baderski Dental in Ingleburn, we provide wisdom teeth removal treatment for patients from all over Sydney.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the very back teeth that develop on the end of each arch in the jaw. Also known as the third molars, wisdom teeth generally start to push through the gums when the patient is between mid-teens to mid-20s. It is between these years that people are considered wiser than when the last set of teeth came through, hence giving them the nickname wisdom teeth.

Does everyone need their wisdom teeth removed?

For some patients, wisdom teeth removal treatment is necessary however not all patients need to have them removed. Often times the teeth will come through the gums without causing any problems or infection. In other circumstances the teeth may not come through at all.

Why would wisdom teeth removal be necessary?

Wisdom teeth removal may be necessary for patients who exhibit any of the following symptoms:


Often times the first thing you’ll feel when your wisdom teeth are coming through is a dull ache in the back of the mouth. During your wisdom tooth appointment we will most likely perform an x-ray of the area. This way we will be able to monitor the tooth development process and diagnose the nature of the pain.

Damage to your neighbouring teeth

For some patients the addition of wisdom teeth can cause damage to the adjacent teeth. This is because when there is not quite enough room along the jaw bone for the tooth to fit, the tooth may be growing at an angle. When wisdom teeth grow at an angle, they can push up against your other teeth causing not only damage to the tooth next to it but also crowding and other problems for the patient.

Misalignment of teeth or crowding

Had orthodontic treatment? If you have, we recommend that you book in for x-rays as soon as possible to find out if your wisdom teeth will cause your teeth to move out of place.

Gum infection

If one or more of your wisdom teeth only partially surface, the gum tissue that is still covering the other part of the tooth may become infected. This is because bacteria can be caught between the gum tissue and the tooth surface. It is important to have your wisdom teeth analysed by one of our dentist to assess the chance of periodontal disease as a result of infection.

Wisdom teeth removal Sydney

Do you need a dentist to assess the development of your wisdom teeth and possibly remove them if necessary? For more information on wisdom teeth or to book an appointment with Andrew Baderski Dental in Ingleburn, contact our team today.