Patient-Focused General Dentistry Near Edmondson Park

Are you new to the Edmondson Park area and looking for a great family dentist? Or maybe you’re not satisfied with your current dentist around the Edmondson Park area. Consider Andrew Baderski Dental.

We have a long history in the area, since we’ve served patients from the area since 1968. We see patients of every age and situation who need family dentistry.

Why Choose Andrew Baderski Dental?

Choosing a dentist can be difficult. Ideally, you’ll visit your dentist at least twice a year, so you need a dentist you can trust.

You can trust Andrew Baderski Dental. We treat our patients like family, not like a number in a system. We offer a full range of services in general dentistry, from cleanings to teeth whitening. But rather than checking off a list of basic dental services, we adjust our services to meet the specific needs of you and your family members.

In addition, our dental staff strives to make sure every patient understands the importance of dental care. We pay close attention not only to the teeth themselves, but also to how your dental health affects your overall health.

Call us today for an appointment with our caring dental staff.