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Leading Local Dentist Prestons

Now you can “find a dentist near Prestons” that will give you smiles for life. Get in touch with Andrew Baderski Dental to have all of your general dentist and cosmetic dentistry needs met by an experienced family dentist in Prestons you can trust.

Located south of Sydney in Ingleburn, and serving patients from the Prestons area, Andrew Baderski Dental provides affordable family dental services for residents in need of an experienced general dentist.

Although cosmetic and procedural family dental services like teeth whitening may be sought out by people over their lifetime, what many people still fall short of attending to is the general health of their teeth.

General dentistry covers a range of oral health and dental care services, from regular checkups, to preventative care and restorative treatments that will help to get your smile where you want it to be.

By assessing your individual health needs, a dental care provider can come up with a preventative plan as needed to help you avoid encountering future issues within your mouth, as well as identify any existing problems.

Some oral issues a general dental provider may diagnose and treat include:

    • Tooth decay
    • Oral trauma
    • Gum disease
    • Cracked or chipped teeth
    • Damaged or missing teeth

As a general dentist in Prestons, we will be able to provide you with the information you want or need to understand any mouth pain or problem you may be experiencing.


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After discussing recommended treatment options and actively listening to any questions or concerns you may have, your dentist in Prestons will be able to provide the dental services deemed necessary for your oral health.

Visiting a family dental clinic near Prestons at least twice a year is the best way for individuals to maintain proper oral hygiene and health. With proper and regular care, you can feel confident in knowing that you are doing your utmost to ensure that your smile will remain just as bright and sure for years to come.


Are You Looking for An Experienced Dentist Near You?

Providing dedicated dental care to patients since 1984, Andrew Baderski Dental clinic is a leading family-owned dentist near Prestons committed to providing local residents with high quality oral care services.

From general dentistry to cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and other oral treatments, Dr. Andrew Baderski and our competent staff members treat you as nothing less than family.

Offering safe and efficient solutions for our patients, we use the latest in sophisticated technology to adequately assess and attend to your individual dental care needs as a patient.

We will discuss your oral history, thus allowing our dentist in Prestons to provide you with care that will best suit your needs and preferences as a patient.

You may bring up any considerations or accommodations you need us to be aware of during this time as well – such as significant oral trauma, or unpleasant experiences with other previous dentist in Prestons – in order for us to ensure that your teeth are treated with care that is right for you.


Do you dream of having a brighter, whiter smile?

Yellow teeth – yuk! If you drink coffee, dark soft drinks, red wine or smoke then your teeth are probably not as white & bright as they could be – right?

As your preferred dentist in Prestons, we can help.

Tooth whitening can be dangerous, damaging & burning gums, lips cheeks, damaging to your teeth by eroding the enamel of your teeth BUT there are safe and highly effective cosmetic dentistry procedures of whitening and brightening your teeth, and the effects can dramatically improve your Smile.

As your leading dentist in Prestons, we can help you whiten and brighten greying or yellowed teeth.

We examine your whole mouth and recommend the best tooth whitening treatment for your specific wants & needs.

Choices; in-office dental clinic treatment, take home & touch up, which we then monitor with you to make sure you achieve the results you want.



Are You Looking For Local Orthodontics Treatment?

Orthodontic dental treatment is an effective option for the correction of crooked teeth and can be conducted in a way that is increasingly subtle and leaves behind the negative association of obtrusive and unattractive treatment methods.

Recent developments in modern orthodontic options include clear braces, lingual (inside) braces and brackets, which have thinner and less visible appliances than ever before.

These dental care advancements make treatments an increasingly viable option for children and adults alike.

Treatment times have also been reduced with the advent of new and more effective technologies, making the process and application of orthodontic appliances easier and more comfortable. Book an appointment today.


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Proudly Serving Prestons

Prestons is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia 37 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government area of Liverpool. Prestons was named after a local family who in the early 1900s ran a post office on the corner Romana Square. Their name became synonymous with the post office and in 1972, it officially became the name of the suburb.

Schools in the suburb include Dalmeny and Prestons Public School. Private schools include, William Carey Christian School, Saint Catherine of Siena Catholic Primary School and the former Sule College, now known as Amity College. The Prestons Cricket Club (Hornets) operates from Amalfi Park, since it was founded in 1968.

Andrew Baderski Dental has been serving the area since starting up and has become a leading dentist in Prestons.


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