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Experienced Cosmetic Dentistry Near Denham Court

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental treatments and procedures that serve the purpose of improving the appearance of an individual’s teeth, bite, or gums in order to better one’s oral health and the radiance of their smile.

Located in Ingleburn, Andrew Baderski Dental has warmly served residents of Denham Court as the area’s leading cosmetic dentist since 1984. As a family-owned and family-friendly practice, we treat all of our patients as no less than family as we collaborate with you to discuss cosmetic solutions that will best suit your needs.

Not every person will find themselves in need of receiving cosmetic solutions for their teeth or gums. But for our patients that do, we know it is a reassurance for you to know that the vitality of your smile is in good hands.

Our practice’s dentist, Dr. Andrew Baderski, is highly trained in providing effective cosmetic solutions and smile makeovers for patients who have experienced tooth decay, disease, trauma, possess an irregular bite, or otherwise wish to improve the appearance of their smile.

We house the latest in oral technology, which allows us to provide our patients with the type of service they are looking for in order to achieve their desired outcome.

Teeth Whitening

If you are dissatisfied with the colour or shade of your teeth, we can help you. After consulting with our dentist, we will recommend to you a customised whitening plan designed to meet the needs of your teeth.

While there are some over-the-counter products available to help lighten the colour of your teeth, the effectiveness of these products can vary. We offer in-house whitening services for our patients seeking a solution that is quicker and more effective than store-bought or DIY solutions.


Our practice is able to offer our patient teeth straightening options such as Invisalign in order to improve the placement and appearance of your teeth. We are more than happy to discuss aligner options with you based on your individual needs and provide you with an estimate of how long you can expect to wear your Invisalign aligner to achieve your perfect smile.


Veneers are a type of dental procedure that involves bonding colour-matching composite resin or porcelain facings to the face of either a single tooth or several teeth within your mouth. Veneers may be recommended or requested as a solution to a number of dental concerns, such as gaps, cracks or chips, misalignment, or teeth that are crowded or stained.


Able to serve as an alternative to dental fillings, crowns are a method of tooth restoration that may be recommended to rectify a number of dental concerns. Made from several natural-looking materials such as porcelain, this procedure can help you to improve both the aesthetic of your smile as well as your oral health.

Looking for Cosmetic Dentistry That You Can Trust?

As a dentist that is experienced in servicing a range of cosmetic services for patients’ mouths, we are more than able to give you something to smile about!

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Proudly Serving Denham Court

Denham Court is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia located 44 kilometres south-west of the Sydney central business district, in the local government areas of the Campbelltown and Liverpool. It is part of the Macarthur region. Denham Court is one of the more affluent suburbs in south western Sydney. According to the 2016 census, Denham Court had a population of 1,981 people. Notable residents of Denham Court are John Hopkinson – owner of Hopkinsons Transport, John Marsden – solicitor and Jim Masterton – owner of Masterton Homes. Andrew Baderski Dental has been serving the Denham Court area since starting up and has become a leading dentist in the suburb.


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