Teeth and gum pain is an issue that plagues most of us at one point in our lives. Whether it be wisdom teeth pain, rotten teeth, gingivitis or another complication, pain is never fun. While in the modern era we have dentists and medication to subdue our pain and agony, have you ever thought about what humanity did before all of our technological advances? At Andrew Baderski Dental in Ingleburn we’re curious about all things teeth so we thought this would be a great chance to show you how far we’ve come in dental innovation!

China papered their pearly whites
China is often known for its strange and almost magical approach to health. From burning sage, to acupuncture there are always interesting traditions and practices to be found within China’s health therapies. In ancient China, people were said to wrap parchment around agonising teeth, and inscribe prayers begging the God’s to help relieve their pain.

Germany puckered up to banish tooth ache

In Germany there is an even stranger tradition to relieve tooth ache. The Hilda and Hans of olden day Germany would often travel to the barn to find a Donkey to kiss to stop their pain. This strange tradition is still referred to in German folklore today.

Ye olde toothpaste

Did you know that toothpaste was only invented 100 years ago! Believe it or not people used to chew honey tobacco and charcoal in place of toothpaste in the old days.

Anyone that’s had severe toothache before knows that there are different types of pain – whether it be throbbing or sharp. Andrew Baderski Dental is always concerned about the comfort of their patients, whether they’re at home or sitting in our chair at our practice in Ingleburn. We’ve decided to put together a little guide to tooth ache so that you can rest easy even when you’re not visiting us.

Types of dental pain

Short-term Sensitivity to Cold/Hot Food & Drink (medium sharp pain)

Cause: A nerve has been exposed. This occurrence could signify the origins of gum disease so ask your dentist about it next time you’re at Andrew Baderski Dental.

Constant Pain When Pressure is Applied (Possible throbbing pain)

Cause: An inflammation of the gum or tissue below the teeth. Book in at Andrew Baderski Dental if pain persists more than a couple of hours.

Tooth hurts when tapped (Sharp pain)

Cause : The ligament supporting the tooth is damaged. Book in to see a dentist today at Andrew Baderski Dental

As you can see there are a number of types of tooth pain and it’s almost torture to imagine having to deal with this pain before modern dental technology. For a little bit of perspective on how much dental technology has advanced, did you know that in ancient Greece, the “dentists” used to pull teeth with handmade pliers? Luckily you can now rest comfortably in one of our cushioned recliners at our dental practice in Ingleburn, feeling next to nothing. Not to mention you can leave happily without the need for paper or a donkey!

At Andrew Baderski Dental we’re passionate about advances in dental health. We encourage you to ask your dentist about our most innovative treatments because as you can see, the world is always changing! To find out more contact us today to arrange an appointment at Andrew Baderski Dental located in Ingleburn, NSW.