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An ever-increasing number of people in Ingleburn and the surrounds are now choosing to enhance and improve their existing smile. Being equipped with a set of pearly white teeth is an asset that can not only act to brighten your face but also leave you radiating throughout your whole persona.

Tooth Whitening at Andrew Baderski Dental is a quick and easy process where the discolouration that can occur on tooth enamel is effectively dissolved and lightened.

Do you dream of owning a brighter smile?

The damaging effects of social and dietary habits from certain foods, caffeine drinks, cigarettes and wine, as well as the inevitable yellowing that comes with age, all take their toll on our teeth’s appearance, leaving them stained and discoloured. Fortunately, a range of tooth whitening products and treatments exist to combat these side effects and can help you achieve the maximum potential from your smile.

Here at Andrew Baderski Dental in Ingleburn, we can help you whiten and brighten greying or yellowed teeth. We examine your mouth and recommend the best tooth whitening treatment for your specific needs, either as an in-office treatment or a take home treatment, which we monitor to make sure you obtain the best results.

Tooth whitening is a safe and highly effective way of whitening and brightening your teeth, and the effects can dramatically improve the cosmetic appeal of your smile.

At-home tooth whitening treatment

As well as providing in-office tooth whitening procedures at our clinic in Ingleburn, we offer at-home treatment options. Take-home tooth whitening involves the use of a whitening tray that is fitted by us and worn in conjunction with a specially formulated whitening gel that is placed on the tray and worn for a few hours each day, evening and overnight.

The at-home tooth whitening process is repeated over a course of three to seven nights, and the gel is available in a variety of formulas including mint flavoured for palatability.

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